Are French Doors Good For Homes in Hurricane Areas?

Down in New Orleans and other places along the Gulf of Mexico coastline in the United States, many people design their homes based on older traditional styles. One such style for doors on homes in this area specifically is called French doors.

Patio French Doors in White UPVCFrench doors are double sided doors that open outward and lock into place. However, are they practical to use when a home is constantly in the path of hurricanes?

The actual answer will depend on a few factors. Obviously, people along the Gulf Coast have been using this style of door on their homes for generations. But, because of their large surface area and how they are built, glass found inside these doors can shatter if not protected properly from wind-borne debris. Shattered pieces of glass can be extremely hazardous for anyone caught in a hurricane’s path.

It still is a great idea to have French doors on the home because it adds a dimension of old style to the home. These doors can be protected so that their large glass interiors do not shatter. The first and most often employed way of protecting glass on these doors is by applying ply wood in front of them. The wood will absorb any punishment doled out by the hurricane rendering the glass intact after the it passes.

French Doors Security

Another way of keeping these kinds of doors safe during a hurricane is by simply removing them. Once again, it would be smart to board up the whole in the home after the doors are removed and stored safely. This will keep the inclement weather, such as wind, rain, debris, and even lightning, from getting inside and ruining the interior of a home.

Manufactures of these products have even taken protection one step further for homes located in hurricane alley. The glass they use in manufacturing these doors is now much stronger and less likely to shatter. They do this by adding a bit of plastic to the glass mixture when they are making each individual pane. The Plexiglas that is formed stands against debris much better than traditional forms of this material.

Whether a person has French doors or not is entirely up to them. However, it is OK for a person to have this variety of door if they are willing to take the necessary precautions to protect them. However, Hardwood Doors or UPVC Doors: Which are Better?

Boarding up the glass part of the door, removing the doors, or buying ones with the right texture and chemical makeup can save money of replacing shattered glass found in the doors. Make sure to make adequate preparation when a hurricane is approaching and the doors will stand up just fine.

French Doors and Inclement Weather Proofing