How much will a new French Door for your patio cost?

For those of you who are thinking of adding a patio door to your home, why not take a closer look at French Doors to see how they could look and whether you like the classic styling? So lets look at designs, features and average cost.

French doors have long been seen as very classy and they add a lot of charm to a room whilst also being exceptionally functional and easy to use. With the twin doors opening from the centre, it gives a nice clear opening through which to walk outside and enjoy your garden during the day ro evening (the Great British weather permitting!).

What type of French Patio Door are there in the market?

Patio French Doors in White UPVCFirstly, let’s look at the frame construction material, and in this case you have four main options:

  • timber – a choice of hardwoods or softwoods.
  • upvc – light, strong and comparatively inexpensive.
  • composite – another light strong door with lots of character.
  • aluminium – some striking slimline designs available.

Let’s face it, softwood doors are best used inside the home – which is why it’s nice to know that French doors work just as well inside the home to separate individual rooms from each other they do as external doors.

  • Hardwood French doors will give you years of service, but you do need to keep them well looked after with regular painting or staining so that they keep supple and look good.
  • UPVC has a very strong presence in the market, with a great many installation being made from this very popular and durable material. There are a lot of suppliers and plentiful design options in the market, which makes them very hard to beat when it comes to price.
  • Composite French doors are seen as an upmarket product, and given the relatively high price tag, you should expect an excellent product. Fortunately, composite French doors are superb. They look great, last for ages and take very little looking after.
  • Aluminium and aluminium clad French doors offer a very elegant solution. Aluminium is stronger than UPVC so this allows for slimmer frames to be made and that comes through in the design options that can be seen in the market.

In terms of the cost of French Doors, you can say that softwood is likely to be at the lower end, UPV somewhere in the middle and the other, Aluminium and composite, occupy the upper reaches of price banding.

French Door Prices and Features