Composite Front Doors

When it comes to selecting a new front door for their homes, it is likely that many people would admit to wanting a blend of the modern and classic; the style and classic look of a solid hard wood door with the security and long lasting features that are often associated with a more contemporary UPVC door.

Composite Front Doors are the solution to the problem.

white composite front doorsComposite Front Doors are, as the name might suggest, a blend of many materials. The specific content is often made up depending on the specific manufacturer but they typically consist of wood, PVC, insulating materials and an outer coating of GRP, which stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic and is the technical term for Fiberglass.

It is made up of a plastic base and is then strengthened with fine shards of glass.

The GRP layer can be coloured, stained and textured, and indeed, the outer layers of Composite Front Doors are often finished with ridging and contours to give the appearance of a traditional hardwood door.

One of the main problems which has been associated with solid wood doors is the maintenance which it takes to keep them both in full working order and looking presentable.

UPVC solved this issue as they required little in the way of maintenance or preservation but they have been criticised for their tendency to discolour.

red composite doorComposite Front Doors solve this issue by having no discolouration worries and a much longer lifespan than might be expected from either a hardwood or UPVC option. Many manufacturers estimate a lifetime of up to 30 years for a door which is untreated by the owner on a regular basis or 35 for one which is.

With current trends and hot topics meaning that more thought is given to the environmental cost of many household purchases, a Composite Front Door can represent an ecologically sound purchase.

As they are not created using solid wood panels, they do not require as many trees to be felled in their production.

In addition, their internal insulation means that less heat escapes the property and draughts are prevented which in turn helps the homeowner to cut their winter heating bills.

Whilst they might initially be more expensive than both of their counterparts, their extended lifespan, lack of required maintenance or replacement and the security that they offer make them an extremely attractive option from an economic perspective.

A Composite Front Door is often sold on the basis that it offers extremely good value for money to the consumer. But you may also want to Compare the best Double Glazing Windows.

Choosing the Right Type of Composite Front Doors