Your Dream uPVC Conservatory

Your uPVC conservatory doesn’t have to be an average DIY project that looks OK. With a little extra effort you can build yourself a room that is unique, full of character, and a show piece for your home.

Here are some ideas for conservatories that are over the top. Just use the same ideas with your favorite passions and make your new conservatory the room you look forward to getting home to.

The Man Land Conservatory

conservatory drawing You could turn the normally refined space into an area of fun-and-relaxation guy style. Mixed with your open view of the outside you could wire up the big screen TV, sound systems, beer fridge, or even put in a full bar. You can take your wild shenanigans outside so the wife can enjoy some quiet time inside.

Full Victorian Elegance

Many of the uPVC conservatories that manufactures make are a Victorian or Edwardian style room. Add a garden of orchids, a beautiful table, your favorite tea set, an a small oven for boiling water on and you could have your own secret garden.

The Stargazer

You could set up the room with removable panels to place your telescope through. Set up all of your favorite star charts, sketches, and books on the solar system and look at the stars without having to rush to put everything away when it rains. This could become a great family time gathering for years or a great place for the home astronomer to take his studies more seriously.

Outdoor Living Room

Is your house not large enough for an adequate living room? Move the living room to the conservatory and enjoy the extra natural sunlight in your life. You’ll probably find your mood is more steady and you sleep better from all the extra vitamin D.

What’s Your Dream?

Get creative, let your imagination run wild! Whether your dream is romantic, outdoorsy, or you’re just looking for a safe place for the small children to play you can turn these inexpensive home additions into dream rooms for just a little extra money and a lot of extra creativity.

Talk with your dealer about the ideal construction for your luxury living space. By knowing up front what you plan to do with your addition the dealer may find you better alternatives to save you money on your total project not just the conservatory itself.

There is no need for a uPVC conservatory to be plain when it can be amazing, check out these ideas: Lean-to Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost – Local Conservatory Prices

Building Your Ideal Conservatory Extension